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Snake Education at ENP!

2 Mar

Just yesterday Karen and Celina took King the Eastern Kingsnake out into the warm late winter sunshine to meet some visiting kids!  King is one of our education ambassadors and he and our other education snakes have helped change many peoples minds on why snakes are not a creature to be killed on sight, but a very beautiful and beneficial part of a healthy earth.

Check out this pic from the encounter!

Soon, as the warm days of spring arrive,  snakes will be coming out of hibernation and movi9ng about fields, forests and gardens.  If you see a snake please do not harm it.  Please marvel at it’s beauty and thank it for helping keep rodent numbers in balance.  Without snakes we would be overrun with mice, rats and other rodents that when they overpopulate they can spread disease and  eat our crops, gardens and granola.  If you are unsure of a snake that you see just try to take a photo of it (from a safe distance of ~4-5 feet) and send it to me and I will be happy to attempt to ID it for you. Have fun out there!

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