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6 Jan

I just completed this compilation video of many of the greatest moments of Earthshine Nature Programs.  It is entitled: This Is What We DO  Check it out below!

Buy a CRIKEY! Fundraiser Geocoin to help save wildlife!

3 Dec

Steve Irwin "The Crocodile Hunter" and a friend

In 2006 the world lost a great warrior for wildlife–Steve “The Crocodile Hunter” Irwin.  Steve was one of my biggest heroes so I wanted to do something as a tribute to his memory and hard work saving wildlife and wild places and educating people on the value of our wildlife–from the cute and cuddly, warm and fuzzy to the toothy scaly and slimy and not-so-cuddly critters.  So I got in touch with my friend Aaron Weed–the owner of Coins and Pins, maker of some of the worlds most beautiful and unique commemorative and Geocaching items–and we came up with a design for the Crikey! Fundraiser Geocoin–a memorial geocoin that would have a very special mission.

At first you may think that a simple coin doesn’t seem like much of a memorial to a man who had such a great influence on so many people all over the world. This was much more than a simple coin. I designed this coin to benefit Wildlife Warriors Worldwide and the first minting did just that. ALL money generated from the sale of this memorial coin (minus production costs) was directly donated to Wildlife Warriors Worldwide. With this second minting ALL money generated (minus production costs) will be divided 50/50 and donated to Wildlife Warriors Worldwide and The Bob Irwin Wildlife Fund to be used for the conservation of wildlife and wildlife habitat that Steve and Bob Irwin are so passionate about protecting.

I hope this coin will serve not only as a reminder of the man Steve Irwin but also as a reminder of his message of the great importance of wildlife conservation and public education about wildlife and their relationship to mankind. The Crikey coin’s insert will carry the web address of its website and hopefully, those who hold this coin will view the website and be inspired to donate further to the conservation of wildlife and wild places and then together we all can help make a real difference in wildlife conservation worldwide. I would also wish that as the coins are bought, sold and traded in the years that follow their initial sale, that the people that acquire them will feel it in their hearts to donate further to Wildlife Warriors Worldwide, The Bob Irwin Wildlife Fund, Earthshine Nature Programs or a similar wildlife conservation cause in their area.

To order your Crikey! Fundraiser Geocoin just follow this link.


Thank you all for supporting wildlife conservation and education.



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