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Amazing Skin and New Arrivals!

17 Dec

Skin stories aplenty!

As I watched  Gollum first rubbed his nose against a rock a few times and then seemed to convulse–and pop off came his skin!  It floated like a wraith out of his hide cave and  into the current where I was able to quickly snap this photo–complete with reflection from the flash (oops)–and then only seconds later it was sucked into a circulation pump and shredded into thousands of tiny pieces!  Amazing!

Now take a look at one of the newest animals in the Earthshine Nature Center–an Albino Bullfrog with his crazy yellow skin!!

This is “One” of two…”Two” is not pictured but looks like “One’s” twin.  They are albino American Bullfrogs and they are quite striking in their yellow skins.  Albinism is the lack of pigments in the skin that in amphibians and reptiles creates a yellowish appearance with red-pink eyes.  In mammals it creates white coats with red-pink eyes.  Very cool!! Albino animals usually do not live very long in the wild because their natural camouflage is not in effect and they stand out to predators and are eaten quickly.  One and Two were bread in captivity and will live at the Earthshine Nature Center so they will not have to worry about predators.  Come see them today!

Now check this out!  A Giant Hissing Cockroach shedding its skin!!

Like snakes, insects such as this roach must shed their entire skins as they grow.  This roach’s old skin is splitting down the dorsal side and the soft white roach, with his new larger skin is wiggling out.  After he is out his new skin will solidify over the next few hours-days and turn brown after-which he will go on about his roachy life.

So cool!!




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