One Year Ago Today

20 Jan

One year ago today an amazing milestone was reached – after almost two years of work, my Trails students, friends, volunteers, supporters, and I completed the primary construction on Phase One of the Earthshine Nature Programs/Trails Science classroom solar array!

THANK YOU to my Trails Carolina and Academy students, to Trails Carolina and Academy, to Bob Harris and Black Bear Solar Institute, Jim Hardy, David Thompson, Ron Griffin , Rachel Bisker, Jewell Mimms, Meredith and Mary Beth, Fred Bahnson, Alan Cameron, Marian O’Neil, Mom, ENP Volunteers, members of the Blue Ridge EV Club, and to everyone else who supported us with the time, energy, component, and monetary support that all came together to make this amazing renewable energy and Electric Vehicle project possible – we could not have done it without all of you!

Watch our classroom solar array’s construction time lapse video 

Watch our Solar Array’s activation video.

Watch highlights from our garden from the summer of 2017 (why, because there is some great imagery of our new solar array in the video!).

Read our blog post about the day.

Please consider supporting Phase Two of our solar project on  Patreon.




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