Snake Tracks Field Report for Spring-Fall 2015 Special Extended Edition Part 1

8 Jul

This 2.5 hour special extended edition of Rat Snake Tracks was filmed over the spring-summer-fall of 2015.

The Snake Tracks project is an ongoing Rat snake habitat use and movement study using radio telemetry techniques and UAV’s (drones) for canopy surveys and monitoring.

If you were a student at Trails Carolina or the Academy at Trails Carolina during the 2015 season you may have helped “Science Steve” locate Apollo or Master Splinter the Black Rat snakes and you may be in this movie, behind the camera, learning and living 🙂
If you do not want to view the video in its entirety (although I wish you would for the sake of education and science) just use the index at the beginning of the video to skip forward to the dates you were here or to view chosen segments.
This project is supported by in part by Trails Carolina, The Academy at Trails Carolina, our donors, and people just like you. If you would like to support our projects and programs with a donation and learn more about us please visit our website.

Earthshine Nature Programs is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to wildlife conservation, rehabilitation, science and renewable energy education and awareness.


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