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Without your support, Earthshine Nature Programs and the Trails Science program would simply not function.  This year you helped to make possible the following and so much more! 


The first turtle rehab of the year going home in May of 2015 with the turtle friend who found him with an upper respiratory infection in the fall of 2014!

Wildlife Rehabilitation: Over the last year the students, volunteers, interns, and I rescued, rehabilitated and returned to the wild several box turtles, one young Opossum, one young Rat snake, and one Timber rattlesnake that had been injured in encounters with humans and our machines or, in the case of the rattlesnake,  found itself in a place that was dangerous to humans and to the snake.   


Another turtle rescuer and the turtle she rescued at the turtle’s release day back home in her habitat! 

Outreach: We took our wildlife and nature conservation animal ambassadors, our didgeridoo music, and our electric car and solar energy demonstrations into many classrooms, summer camps, one church, and several festivals and special events, introducing thousands of children and adults to the wonders and beauty of wildlife, nature, science, and our interconnectedness to our shared Earth – and ways to take better care of our shared environment through wildlife conservation, science, and “off-the-shelf” renewable energy and transportation technologies.

Take a look at some photos from our adventures in 2015! 


Meeting new friends at our summer fundraiser at Oskar Blues in Pisgah Forest


We just LOVE snakes!


Art, animals and EV’s – what a great mix!


Pete and his hawk stopped by to visit!


Walter Kidd of Serpentarium Magic was all smiles!


The crew at LEAF festival!


More snakes and electric vehicles!


And another great LEAF festival shot!

Wildlife Conservation: We continued to follow in the Turtle Tracks and Snake Tracks of the Eastern box turtles at the Earthshine Discovery Center and two Rat snakes at the Trails Science and Nature center.


12227016_979312668806795_5343237507586216876_n (1)

In the spring of 2015 we received an amazing donation of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UAV (aka “drone”) – THANK YOU Nickolas! We have used the UAV to survey the treetops for basking radio-tagged Rat snakes in order to learn more about their activities and habitat selections and get a birds-eye view of the habitats of all of the animals we are following.


Below is a photo of the habitat of the box turtles Catherine and Jimmy Irwin and the Timber rattlesnakes Zoe and Utsanati–WOW!

looking west from high above Pams

This past spring we completed our four year radio tracking study on Timber Rattlesnakes in a remote forest of western North Carolina and soon we will post the “short report” of our preliminary findings on this blog so stay tuned and follow us to learn more!


Renewable Energy:  With the amazing support from Bob Harris of Black Bear Solar Institute, FLS Energy, and local nature, renewable energy and EV advocate Jim Hardy, we are working toward a day in the near future when we will power our science and nature center and our outreach vehicle (an all electric Nissan Leaf) on 100% solar power generated on site!  Read more about this unique and amazing project and how you can be a part of it!


Your Support: We welcome your continued support in helping us keep our programming alive.  If you are interested in gifting us any of the items on our wishlist, please contact us for more information on how to support us.   If you choose to support us anonymously, you may do so by visiting our PayPal link.


A rare Green Salamander we found behind the nature and science center in the summer!


A new friend!          


Jim and Pete with friends!


Jack smiles for the camera!


New life is born!


Gollum says goodbye 🙂

THANK YOU so much for your continued support.  Without you, Earthshine Nature Programs and the Trails Science program would not function.  Please consider making a tax deductible donation to us now and in the future.  Earthshine Nature Programs is a 501c3, donation funded, volunteer owned and operated, wildlife conservation, rehabilitation and science education charity.  We have a partnership with Trails Carolina and The Academy at Trails Academy to provide science and nature education and inspiration to their populations of outstanding youth.   

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