Snake Tracks and Turtle Tracks for September 2014

30 Sep

Today I locate all four reptiles currently being followed in the Snake Tracks project at our Earthshine Discovery Center study site.


All of the reptiles are gradually moving closer to their overwintering locations.

What I found today

Utsanati: On the surface in a resting coil in the power line access way where I have found him many times before over the last three years (that’s Utsanati above).

Jimmy Irwin: Also in a location where I have found him before–under some bushes a few feet to the east of the leap of faith platform.


Catherine: In the “Turtle Sanctuary” under some grass in a location where I have found her every year at this time since 2008!

Zoe: I found her in a new location where I have never found her before–she was resting on a fallen limb 3.5 feet off the ground!


See the video below for all the details.

If the video will not play try following the link below:



Turtle Tracks and Snake Tracks are reptile conservation, research and public wildlife conservation and education projects occurring near Earthshine Discovery Center and Dupont Forest in the mountains of western North Carolina, USA. Through the magic of modern technology and allot of hard volunteer work by a wildlife conservationist and his small crew of volunteers, glimpse into the lives of two wild Eastern box turtles, two wild Timber rattlesnakes and two wild Rat snakes in their natural habitats. For more detailed info on the project please take a look at the website at:


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It is our goal at ENP to promote wildlife conservation through our field research and unique, exciting, citizen science based, hands-on education, out-reach programs, and online with our nature videos, blog and website.

ENP is a 501c3 non profit charity. We are not paid nor do we collect a salary to operate ENP or to conduct our wildlife conservation activities. ENP is a 100% volunteer operated and donation funded organization. It is our mission to educate you about these beautiful but greatly misunderstood animals and hopefully, to impart to you their beauty, uniqueness and intrinsic value to a healthy Earth, healthy wildlife and healthy humans.

THANK YOU to all of you who have donated to ENP over the years!! Without you this important reptile conservation and education work would not happen. If you would like to support Earthshine Nature Programs please feel free to donate by visiting

You may also donate supplies such as animal foods, medical supplies, vitamins and habitat supplies just contact us for more information on what supplies we are in need of and how to donate.

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Music by The Steep Canyon Rangers used with written permission.


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