A Space Oddity–Inspiration from the International Space Station

18 Jul


Commander Chris Hadfield of the Canadian Space Agency recently commanded the International Space Station for several months.  During that time he worked hard all day as the station’s commander and after hours when he could have been sleeping …he recorded dozens of educational videos about life on the station that are all available on Youtube at this link , took hundreds of amazing photographs of earth from orbit (like the one below),

BIVFqtrCYAEIaQF.jpg large

spoke with countless school students, William Shatner and the Mythbusters just to name a few about science and following your dreams, tweeted like crazy about his experiences in space on Twitter, collaborated on two different musical endeavors with students across Canada and the Barenaked Ladies and on top of all that he somehow found the time to record the first music video from space–a cover of David Bowie’s A Space Oddity!  

christortYes, that would be a floating space tortilla! (note the speed limit sign!)

Below is just a small sampling of Col. Chris Hadfield’s amazing adventure in space and I highly recommend that you take just a few minuets out of your busy day to watch, learn and hopefully be inspired by his positive use of social networking to go ahead with throttle up and reach for the stars.

…and finally what you have been waiting for: A Space Oddity (truly a MUST SEE epic in my opinion.)

Thank you Col. Chris Hadfield for your great and positive inspiration and passion for life. Keep up the great work!

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