Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Didgeridoo–a one of a kind experience!

8 Jul


While on family vacation over the last week of June I visited the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse National Monument. While there I had a wild idea: would it be possible to play my didgeridoo inside the tallest lighthouse in North America! I doubted that the National Park Service would say yes but it never hurts to ask. I did and they said go for it! I could not believe my luck so I grabbed my didgeridoo, followed a ranger inside, set up some cameras and started to play. The video below shows just a small part of my experience. In reality the camera can show only a one dimensional picture of what I have to say was one of the most unique didgeridoo experiences I have ever had–it was a four dimensional experience for sure. The reverberations of my drones off of the inner walls of the cylindrical brick structure were unbelievably haunting and powerful and a musical memory of the highest level for me. Also, as far as the park service rangers knew it was the first time the drones of the didgeridoo have ever been heard in the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse!
Check out the video below for just a taste of my amazing experience. Be sure to turn up the volume!

Special thanks to the National Park Service for making this possible!



2 Responses to “Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Didgeridoo–a one of a kind experience!”

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