19 Apr

I am happy to report that all three Eastern box turtles that ENP is tracking have survived hibernation!  Over the last weekend several school groups and I found Catherine about 20 feet from her over-wintering den.  She was sitting on the surface on the leaf litter.  Amazingly we found her sitting on the exact spot (under the flagging tape in the second photo) where she over-wintered a few years ago! Take a look at the photos of Catherine below.



Jimmy Irwin remains in his den but he did survive the winter,  he has just decided to sleep in.  I checked to make sure he was alive by pulling back the leaf litter enough to see him and when I did, he moved just a bit.  That is a photo of Jimmy below.


Mrs. Bones is out and on the move about 25 feet from her den–sorry, I do not have a photo of her this time but she looks healthy.

Like Catherine, Jimmy and Mrs. Bones over-wintered in almost the exact same locations as in previous years. It is obvious to me that like the rattlesnake, these turtles and probably all wild creatures, know exactly where they are in their habitats.  Sadly,  many people today do not know where they are in their habitats and have no clue how to navigate without high tech gadgets.  The turtle however needs not GPS–it uses instinct and chemical signals (and possibly many more natural navigational aids) to find it’s way around in the forest.

Here are a few photos of Turtle Trackers in action!


Tracking Jimmy Irwin!


Turtle Trackers with Catherine!


More Turtle Trackers with Catherine!


Weighing Catherine in the teachers hat!

Let’s get ready for another summer following in Turtle Tracks!

Please remember to watch for box turtles crossing roads, especially after warm spring rains and help them across the road in the direction they are moving.



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