Only TWO days left for our online fundraiser–please post, share and support us!

13 Mar

Hello Friends,
Only two days remain for the Earthshine Nature Programs’ first 2013 online fundraiser so please donate, share and post the below paragraph with anyone you like or anywhere you like to help us reach our goal–THANK YOU!

“Earthshine Nature Programs is in the process of setting up a second nature education center and expanded our outreach programming to educate even more folks about nature, science, wildlife, conservation and rehabilitation and we need your help to make it happen.  Please take a moment and check out our project fundraiser page on the Rocket Hub website. Rockethub is a crowd-funding site similar to Kickstarter,  so any contribution you can make to our cause–no matter how small or large–will help us to continue our oh so needed nature and wildlife conservation projects and outreach programs into the future.  Please share this link  (also below in full) anywhere and with anyone you like who you think may want to support our great cause.

Project link:”

THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us–without you we would not survive!

Tracking Catherine!
If you would rather donate via snail mail please contact me and I will provide you with my mailing address.

Receipts available upon request.

Thank you for any and all support,

Steve O’Neil, Naturalist, Wildlife Warrior and Executive Director of ENP

(828) 606-8939

Saya and I with Crash

Saya and I with Crash


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