New Wild Adventures with Steve Videos!

3 Mar


A few weeks ago some friends and I headed south to the forests of southern Alabama to meet up with some great folks from Auburn University and members of the Southeastern chapter of the North American Field Herping Association. We were there to assist them with their Eastern Indigo Snake re-introduction project.  In the new video below follow some friends and I as we hunt for reptiles and amphibians in the name of wildlife conservation in the Conecuh National Forest in Alabama USA.


Our primary goal: help the researchers and scientists in charge of the re-introduction of the threatened Eastern Indigo Snake find as many snakes as possible and assess their health and status.

Our secondary goal: find and many herps (reptiles and amphibians) as possible, photograph them and then release them safely where we found them.


Check out the video for all the action and details.



I live in an area known as “The Land of Waterfalls” so a couple of weeks ago I went waterfall hunting with some friends and visited Rainbow Falls–a beautiful waterfall about an hour from my home.  Following in my usual style I was not content to just view the falls from the observation area–I had to have a more personal experience!

Check it out below!


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