Meet Arnold our new Blue “Killer” Crayfish!

7 Nov

Welcome Arnold the blue “killer” crayfish. He will be sharing a habitat with Gollum the Eastern Hellbender. Crayfish are one of the Hellbender’s favorite foods–Arnold, however is just a bit large for Gollum to eat so they should coexist just fine together.  When I introduced Arnold into Gollum’s habitat it seemed to me that Gollum was perplexed as to what exactly Arnold was–maybe it was the fact that Arnold was blue–unlike any crayfish he had ever seen in his native habitat.  Arnold, being captive raised and never living in the wild seemed unsure as well and kept his pincers raised and at the ready just in case Gollum got too close!

Then Gollum stuck his nose directly up against Arnold to get a big sniff!   Arnold did not like Gollum’s attitude so he lightly pinched him on the nose and Gollum moved off unharmed.  Now they seem to have established their boundaries and keep their distance from each other.  If you would like to meet Gollum and Arnold in person just contact us anytime so we can set up an appointment for you to come visit the nature center.

Watch the short video below to see the first meeting between Gollum and Arnold.

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