TURTLE TRACKS expedition from 10-14-2012

31 Oct

This is the most recent Turtle Tracking expedition of 2012. In the below video we find that Catherine is headed toward her over-wintering site and Jimmy Irwin is already there! This is probably the last time we will see them until April 2013.

Thank you to everyone who assisted me in locating the turtles today!

Turtle Tracks is an Eastern Box Turtle conservation and research project occurring at Earthshine Mountain Lodge in the mountains of western North Carolina, USA. Through the magic of modern technology, glimpse into the life of a wild box turtle in its natural environment. For more detailed info on Catherine, Jimmy and the Turtle Tracks Eastern Box Turtle conservation and tracking program please take a look at the Turtle Tracks website at: http://www.earthshinenature.com/Boxtrack

Music By: The Steep Canyon Rangers http://www.steepcanyon.com

Special Thanks to: Catherine and Jimmy Irwin the Eastern Box Turtles, Earthshine Mountain Lodge and staff, John Rucker and his amazing turtledogs, Charlie Green of Turtle Talks in Asheville, NC., Dr. Coleman DVM, Catherine O’Neil, Marian O’Neil, Lori Williams, Gabrielle Graeter of the NCWRC, Ann Somers , The Steep Canyon Rangers http://www.steepcanyon.com, John Mason http://www.blueridgebreezes.com and the late Steve Irwin “The Crocodile Hunter” for your passion and dedication for preserving the wildlife and wild places of the planet. May your dreams and passion live on in everyone you inspired and may you rest in peace.

For more information on Earthshine Nature and the Turtle tracks Eastern Box Turtle conservation project check out: http://www.earthshinenature.com


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