Baby ratsnakes hatch at the Earthshine Nature Center!

12 Oct

A few months ago I found several ratsnake eggs in the “ratsnake skyway” habitat at the Nature Center. I am unsure which snake laid them but it had to be Lori (Yellow ratsnake) or Xena (Albino ratsnake). The father was either Scar (Black ratsnake) or Heyward (Grey ratsnake). I placed the eggs in a makeshift incubator and hoped for the best and about a week ago they started hatching! Take a look at the photos and video below for great vision of all the action!

In the first photo the eggs have just starting to hatch.  The small cuts on the eggs are from the baby snakes using their egg tooth’s to cut the shell open from the inside.  The egg on the lower left has a tiny snake nose poking out to sniff the big world!

Do I really want to come out of the safety of this warm egg?

Just hatched!

Hello world!  I am a ratsnake and I am here to eat rats!

 One of the babies was born with a spinal defect and did not survive so it was fed to King the  Eastern Kingsnake.  Watch the short video below to watch the feeding and see the baby snakes!

Find us online at Earthshine Nature Programs.


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