Meet CRASH the Opossum!

18 Sep

Meet Crash, our new Education Opossum! The details are in the video:-)

I have set up a live “Possum Cam” in Crash’s enclosure.  Feel free to view Crash anytime you like by following this link.   Crash is usually active in the morning and evening (the camera has IR lighting!) and after feedings.  Good luck seeing him!  If you are using Internet Explorer the login is “visitor” and the password is “possum”.  (both without the quotes)

If you are using any of the other listed browsers (firefox, chrome etc…) just click the login button under Server Push Mode and enter the login “visitor” and the password is “possum”.  (both without the quotes)

Click LIVE VIDEO to see if Crash is out and about.  Feel free to take control of the camera and pan/tilt to look around Crash’s habitat.

If the camera seems slow it may be that other people are viewing the camera slowing it down.

Special thanks to Saya for helping me introduce Crash to you all.

Special thanks to Jenny for operating the video camera.

Special Thanks to the WNC Nature Center for donating Crash to us!

Earthshine Nature Programs is a non-profit organization (501c3) dedicated to the conservation of the more misunderstood creatures here in our corner of the world.  We provide education, conservation  and outreach programs and strive to educate you about the truth of our amazing wildlife and natural world around us.

If you would like to help support Crash the Opossum and any of our other projects and programs please feel free to donate using this link:

Receipts available upon request. THANK YOU to all of you who have donated to ENP!! Without you this important work would not happen.

Learn how you and your family, school, scout, corporate or camp group, can visit Earthshine Mountain Lodge and have a wonderful, fun and educational retreat!

R.I.P Potter


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