TURTLE TRACKS expedition videos from this summer!

16 Sep

If you participated in an Eastern Box Turtle radio tracking expedition over the summer of 2012 then your video is below.  To find your video simply scroll down until you find the date you visited us and click the video to watch your experience!

Thank you all for tracking turtles with us at Earthshine Mountain Lodge!  You are all helping to further the collective knowledge and conservation of the Eastern Box Turtle!!  The Turtle Tracks project is developed, operated and 100% funded by Earthshine Nature Programs which is 100% funded by your donations–THANK YOU!!

Tracking Date June 26, 2012

Tracking Date July 03, 2012

Tracking Date July 07, 2012

Tracking Date July 15, 2012

Tracking Date July 17, 2012

Tracking Date July 22, 012

Tracking Date July 31, 2012

Tracking Date August 14, 2012

And here is an update on the travels of Mrs. Bones the turtle that ENP is tracking in Cedar Mountain, NC.

Click HERE to learn how you and your family, school, scout, corporate or camp group,  can visit Earthshine Mountain Lodge to track turtles, learn team building skills, participate in living history, relax on the porch, cook s’mores over a campfire, have a wonderful educational retreat and much more!

While I am a paid employee of Earthshine Lodge I am not paid to conduct this research–this is a volunteer project that I am undertaking to learn all that I can about these amazing animals to further educate you about their beauty, uniqueness and value to a healthy forest ecosystem. If you would to help support the Turtle Tracks or the Snake Tracks wildlife conservation, research, and education projects and/or Earthshine Nature Programs (ENP) please feel free to donate using this link. Receipts available upon request.

THANK YOU to all of you who have donated to ENP over the years!!  Without you these important wildlife conservation and public education projects would not not happen.


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