Snake Tracks Field Update for 8-31-12

16 Sep

Due to continued technical difficulties this post is late.

Utsanati is still sheltering in the remote forest at the edge of the power line access way  far from human habitation and activity areas.  He has recently shed his skin and is beautiful!  Today he participated in a special photo shoot (see photos and video) for the Blue Turtle/Turtle of Change project that is working to make a difference and a change all over the world. That is Utsanati with the Turtle of Change “Turtle Grupo Tortuguero” below.

If you have not had a chance to read my blog posts on the Turtle of Change blog then here’s another chance:

Post 1: Travels with a Naturalist (didgeridoo concert and rattlesnake surgery)

Post 2: The Continued Travels with a Naturalist (turtles, rattlesnakes, campers, a goat, Wild South and Turtle Dogs!)

Today I found Zoe in the same small clearing near the top of the waterfall sheltering under the same tangle of brush/logs where I found her about two weeks ago!  She obviously has some sort of special attachment to this spot be it a good thermo-regulation location or a possible maternity site–we may never know.  Because I have found her in this exact location on three separate times this spring and summer I now know that this is an important site for this rattlesnake.  To a human this site would look unremarkable but to this snake it is all important and may make all the difference in the world to her life and her success.  This is why we need to learn all that we can about wildlife–especially sensitive and threatened creatures like the Timber Rattlesnake.  The more we know the more we will be able to help conserve and protect nature and wildlife from us.

With the cooler nights and shorter days I believe that Zoe will soon be making her trek back up the ridge toward her over-wintering location.  To do this she will need to cross a dangerous road construction zone where a driveway is being cut into the forest so I fear for her safety.  I only hope that she decides to move after the workers “punch out” at the end of the day or late at night.

Zoe also participated in the photo shoot for the Turtles of Change project–see if you can find her in the photo below.

Take a look at the latest video of the Snake Tracks project below:

If the video does not show or play then follow this link to view the video:

I am not paid to do this research–this is a volunteer project that I am undertaking to learn all that I can about these amazing animals to further educate you about their beauty, uniqueness and value to a healthy forest ecosystem. If you would like to support the Snake Tracks Timber Rattlesnake wildlife conservation, research, and education project and/or Earthshine Nature Programs please feel free to donate using this link. Receipts available upon request. THANK YOU to all of you who have donated to ENP!!  Without you this important work would not happen.

Click HERE to learn how you and your family, school, scout, corporate or camp group,  can visit Earthshine Mountain Lodge and have a wonderful educational retreat!


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