Waterfall Didgeridoo!

12 Aug

A couple of days ago I hiked to a remote waterfall in the middle of Zoe the Timber rattlesnake’s habitat for a unique photo shoot.

My goal was to get a photo of me playing my didgeridoo under the waterfall. Accompanying me was my friend Steve Atkins. Steve is an outstanding nature photographer and he was able to take several amazing photos of me sitting in the cool waterfall playing my didgeridoo. The water felt great and it was really hard to hold the didge up in the current and breathe under the column of pounding water–but it was sooo worth it. It was a wonderful experience and now I want to play my didge in as many waterfalls as possible. But that is another story for a different day.

The reason I wanted to get the photo is because I wanted to enter a unique photo in an online photo competition to win a $1500 didgeridoo from Didgeridoo Breath in Perth Australia.

Below is a sampling of Steve’s great photos.

As you can see Steve took many great photos but below is the photo I chose as my entry in the contest.

Now, I would like to ask you to please help me win the contest.  It will only take a few minuets of your time and it is totally free.  If you are on Facebook simply go to this page , click on my photo, then click the “like” button.  If I receive the most likes by September 14, I will win the didgeridoo! It is that simple.

If you are not on Facebook but would still like to help me win the didgeridoo then please email this information to any of your friends that are on Facebook and ask them to like my photo.

Every little bit helps.

If you would like to help me receive even more likes after you like my photo please feel free to post it on your own wall and/or pass the competition link and this description on to all your friends and colleagues and ask them to like the photo as well.

I greatly appreciate the likes on my personal page but please be sure to click on the pic and “like” the photo on the competition page–that is where it counts toward me winning the didge.

If for some reason the links do not work then do a search on Facebook for the “Didgeridoo Breath” page and you can find the “2012 Didgeridoo Breath Tshirt Photo Competition” link on their wall and get to it from there.

If you help me win this didge I will use it in future nature/music/cultural/wildlife education and conservation programs at Earthshine Nature Programs, Earthshine Mountain Lodge, schools, camps, librarys  and beyond!

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Take a look at this short video of our photo shoot at the waterfall.  It is really very hard to play a didgeridoo while under a waterfall:-)

Thank you all!!

Thank you STEVE ATKINS for the great photos!


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