4 Aug

A few weeks ago a mother Opossum was separated from two of her babies at Camp Illahee in Brevard, NC.  Vincent, the maintenance director of the camp,  found the babies in two different trees so he rescued them and gave them to Chub took them to the nature center and placed them in warm cage. Vincent then set a live trap for the mother Opossum and caught her overnight. The next morning when I arrived at the nature center I found the mother and babies waiting to be reunited. Watch the video for what happened next!

Earthshine Nature Programs is a not for profit 501c3. We work to educate you about the beauty, wonder and interconnectedness of all things–especially the more misunderstood creatures such as snakes, salamanders and Opossums. Let us come to you and your class, group or party and introduce you to our amazing animals. We are also licensed wildlife rehabilitators that specialize in reptiles and opossums. We are a 100% volunteer operated organization that is totally funded by donations from people just like you. If you would like to donate to our cause please do so using this link. Receipts available upon request. THANK YOU!!


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