Snake Tracks Update for 7.14.12

15 Jul

Great News!  Utsanati has recovered from his transmitter adjustment surgery and I have released him back into his habitat!  After spending the last month in captivity, having minor surgery, teaching over 200 children and adults about the beautiful and greatly misunderstood Timber rattlesnake and eating six mice and one small rabbit (not all at the same time) he was really ready to go home yesterday when I released him at his June capture location–the woodpile.  Upon his release I could tell that he knew exactly where he was as he quickly moved off into the hidden depths of the woodpile.  I do not know if he will stay around the area of the woodpile since the protective tarp has been removed.  I will locate him again in a day or so to verify his position.

Zoe has moved down off the ridge above the waterfall, moved across the abandoned fields and creek and was sheltering under a collapsed pole barn shed.  I have not seen Zoe in over a month due to the fact that on the last three or four locate days she has been under various types of cover that I could not safely navigate through to find her for two reasons: I did not want to disturb her and I did not want to risk getting bitten.  I believe that she has been laying low due to the record setting heat wave that the area has been subjected to over the last few weeks.

Watch the video below for details and vision of the last locate day for Zoe and Utsanati.

If you would like to support the Snake Tracks Timber Rattlesnake wildlife conservation, research, and education project and/or Earthshine Nature Programs please feel free to donate using this link. Receipts available upon request. THANK YOU!!


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