Rattlesnakes Need Our Help

12 Jul

Hello friends,

You all know how I feel about Rattlesnakes. Not only are they part of a healthy ecosystem but they have a place in this world, a place in the wild doing what rattlesnakes do–control rodent populations and provide food for other animals.  They are not evil creatures that are out to hunt down and ruthlessly kill people.  They are peaceful, solitary creatures that prefer to be left alone but they will protect themselves if threatened with harm.  So would I.

Statistics show that only about 12 people per year die from venomous snake bite in the US.  However, for the 2011 year, 26 people were killed by lightning and over 500,000 people were killed by cancer.  These odds speak for themselves.  So why do people continue to target and kill venomous snakes?  Fear? Erroneous beliefs that snakes are “bad” or “evil” ?  Lack of information and education?  Misunderstanding?  Bad television, movies and media representation?  Collection for the bush meat, “pet” and clothing trade? The answer is all of the above.  If we do not stop the killing and ignorant persecution,  then one day they will all be gone.

Recently I visited an ancient Timber rattlesnake den site.  For eons this site hosted dozens of beautiful adult and young rattlesnakes.  As of last week, the site had been plundered by snake hunters who had not a care in the world for the snakes or the habitat.  I saw not a single snake.  The habitat was destroyed.  All the snakes had been captured or killed and for what–skins, money, meat, machismo–probably all of those reasons. I am saddened to think that this site had existed for probably millions of years as a rattlesnake haven and in only a few hours it was reduced to ruin by ignorant sub-humans out for a few dollars.  So sad and so wrong.

It must end.

Education is the key to understanding and with understanding comes respect,  conservation and preservation.

Please learn the facts about these beautiful and misunderstood creatures.  What if find out that you have been wrong all these years–do you wish to continue to do a thing just because you have always done it that way? That does not make it the right thing to do.  Do not be afraid of finding out the truth and setting things right.  Question what you believe and do the research–learn the truth.  Do the right thing.

Start by helping me change laws and minds to protect these magnificent and misunderstood creatures from continued wrongful persecution from persons who do not understand them.

I have put together a list of petitions that are working to end rattlesnake roundups and similar cruel practices directed toward rattlesnakes. Please consider signing them and then pass them on to those who care and maybe together we can make a difference in the protection of a greatly misunderstood and beautiful animal–the rattlesnake.















Here are two petitions I authored a couple of years ago.




Here’s an article about one advocate for rattlesnakes that attempted to document a rattlesnake roundup and how he was treated.  All the more reason to end these destructive events that not only kill snakes by the thousands but also continue to teach children that “the only good snake is a captured, tortured, dismembered, flayed alive, sold, eaten and lied about and then made into boots, bags and belts snake.”


Together we can end this madness.


One Response to “Rattlesnakes Need Our Help”

  1. socialsnakes 07/12/2012 at 8:09 pm #

    I’m so sorry to hear about the destruction of the timber den – that is just heartbreaking. I don’t understand what is so ‘special’ about rattlesnakes that our so-called modern society condones the torture and killing solely for entertainment at round-ups. Thanks for doing your part on this blog to foster appreciation for rattlesnakes.

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