22 Jun

Check out this big Black Rasnake!



One Response to “BIG RATSNAKE!”

  1. Lisa 10/11/2012 at 12:43 pm #

    Hi Steve, I found your site and saved it on my parents computer. When I visit them in Etowah I always find myself spotting turtles, snakes and spiders among many other wildlife. For the snakes and spiders I try saving a few websites for them to look up if they see some so they can tell if it is a real danger to them. This is how I got to your website. During my summer visit a huge black snake like the one in your homepage video kept coming in their backyard and hiding out in the middle of this patch of bushes and trees. I moved the bird water fountain away because of the huge width of the snake lead me to believe that she was eating birds. We say the snake was a little longer than 4ft but the width of it was unreal. I’ve been looking up snakes and it could be a rat snake. Sorry to tell you we had to shoo it away a couple of times with the water hose. I hope you don’t think it that cruel but my Mom was petrified and still has problems going out there because of it. I got some pics of the body (sorry no head as by the time I ran in just the body was still visible). Also I had a question behind their house in the Spring I saw this amazing tortiose with red (really red skin) and shell was normal I would say 6 to 7 inch shell. I’ve been looking for that turtle every trip back but no luck and not sure if they stay in the same area for their life. Can you give any pointers for me to find the same turtle and I can send the pic to you if I spot her. Also, I can send you the pics of the snake since you mention in your video that you’d like to see local snakes and I think you are not far from Etowah. I’m taking my canoe out on the river this afternoon so will check back tonight if you would like the pictures of the snake. Thanks for the video…I did tell them if it were a rate snake it is not poisonous.

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