7 Jun

On the night of June 5th Potter O. Possum–Earthshine Nature’s resident Opossum–was attacked by an intruder.  The animal–most likely a Raccoon–tore its way through the wire and into Potter’s enclosure and attacked him.  He was badly scratched up and suffered several bad puncture wounds to his neck, shoulders, face, front feet and he also lost a large amount of fur in his battle with the varmint.  The most startling thing was that both of his dagger-like upper canine teeth were badly damaged and one of his lower canine teeth was broken off at the gum line.  For this to happen he must have put up an incredible fight with his attacker.  Hopefully he gave out just as much or more than he received and the raccoon will think twice about trying to tangle with Potter again.

I rushed Potter to Riversong Veterinary Clinic in Brevard where Dr. Ann Holshouser and her assistants gently treated his wounds and sent him home with an order for with plenty of bed rest, good food and meds.  They were very caring and professional in their care of Potter and I highly recommend their services to anyone with a pet or Opossum in need.

Here is a pic of Potter at Riversong undergoing treatment for his wounds.

For Potter’s ordeal in it’s entirety (not including the fight) view the video below.

Potter is sleeping now and will hopefully be back to his old ‘possum self soon.  I am worried however that he may have to have major dental surgery at some point down the road because of the injuries to his canine teeth.  Opossums have very long canine teeth and to remove them will require over an hour of surgery with Potter fully anesthetized.  I honestly hope that this does not have to happen because an opossums first line of defense are his teeth–without them he would not be able to defend himself if an attacker ever broke into his habitat again.  For this reason I have decided to appeal to you–Potter’s friends and family–for any and all donations to Potters fund.  All donations to help Potter recover will be used to cover the costs of Potters recent vet bills, future care and in the event that he needs further health care resulting from any complications from his injuries.

The first 5 people who donate $50 or more to the Potter fund will receive an autographed (his paw print) photo of Potter and a plush Opossum toy.

Below is a pic of a photo similar (but not exactly like) the one you will receive.  Your photo will be actually autographed by Potter as he walks across the photo after stepping in non-toxic ink so it may appear a bit different than this photo-shopped photo.

The plush Opossum will be like the one in the below photo.  It is made by Fiesta toys.

Please sponsoring Potter with a donation.   When you donate please note that your donation is for the Potter Fund and it will be used only for Potters support.

Thank you for your support.



  1. Amy Lord 06/07/2012 at 8:35 am #

    Deepest sympathy for Potter;sounds like he needs steel cage bars to prevent future attacks-maybe Kennel fencing….I have some I could donate for another enclosure for Potter????Let me know as he’s an important ambasseter of Earthshine!Thanks Amy Lord

  2. Amy Lord 06/08/2012 at 7:46 am #

    Steve…..I have some steel panels & some heavier kennel wire I’ll donate to earth shine if someone has a truck to come get them.Amy

    • snakesteve 06/09/2012 at 8:16 am #

      Hi Amy, That sounds great. Thank you. I will be in touch.

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