The release of Lucky Longnecker and a fun Watersnake Encounter

21 May

Lucky Longnecker–a juvenile Common Snapping Turtle–came to us in May of 2010.  Our maintenance guru Gene found him in the parking lot on a hot spring day.  What he was doing that far from water we will never know–but he appeared dead and dessicated.  I gave him a soak in a warm water and over the next few hours he came back from the brink of death.  We have had him ever since in a 20 gallon aquarium in the Nature Center where he has grown by leaps and bounds into the strong and healthy sub-adult snapping turtle we all know and love.  This is the most recent photo of Lucky below.

Lucky has grown to large for his enclosure so on 5-20-12 we decided to release him into the pond where he was probably born 3-4 years ago.  Before we released him we filed a couple of tiny notches on the trailing edge of his carapace so that we can always identify him if we ever see him again.  Watch the video below to view the release of Lucky and then watch as we then discover a medium sized Northern watersnake and I catch it for everyone to meet and learn about!


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