19 May

One of my heroes–Paul Watson, the founder and leader of the aggressive and highly effective marine conservation group “Sea Shepherd” – known mainly for disrupting whale hunts, documented on the reality TV program “Whale Wars” – has been detained in Germany at the request of Costa Rica, which wants him extradited on trumped up charges from shark fin poachers and whale killers. I strongly support Sea Shepherd and their past actions to protect marine life and I look forward to their  forthcoming “global campaign to save sharks from extinction”.   Love him or hate him Paul Watson is making a difference in the way people view the animals of our oceans.  Please do all you can to help get Capt. Watson released from jail and back at the helm of the Steve Irwin protecting the seas from man.

I also feel that I must say that while I have been to Costa Rica and find it to be a beautiful country with wonderful people–I cannot continue to support their tourism industry when they support shark finning –especially when it is in their own designated marine preserves like Cocos Island.  If you are planning a trip to visit Costa Rica–please reconsider.  If you stop supporting them with your tourist dollars then they will hopefully get the message and work to end illegal shark finning in their waters. If you did not know or do not believe that Costa Rica is shark finning then please watch the documentary Sharkwater  —   It changed the way I view sharks and our impacts on the oceans.  It changed my life.  Paul Watson has changed my life and made me more of an activist for the change that is needed in this world.

I have also included several links where you can learn more and sign petitions to help free Capt. Watson.

Visit FreePaulWatson on facebook at:


Please support Sea Shepherd in their fight to protect the oceans from man and out destructive ways.


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