Rattlesnake Report for 5-6-2012

6 May

Rattlesnake Report #3 for  5/6 2012. In these special blog postings I will update you on the movements and status of Timber Rattlesnakes Utsanati and Zoe that we are following with radio telemetry.  I have come up with a “potential danger level” scale that represents the potential danger the snakes could pose to the human inhabitants of the community due to their proximity to human habitations and activity areas.  The danger level also applies to the snakes being in danger if they are near a road or yard where they could be accidentally injured or killed or by man and his machines and toxic chemicals such as insecticides and herbicides.  If you live in the community where the snakes live please pay close attention to their locations and the “potential danger level” and take appropriate care in your activities to protect you and the snakes from any harm.  The scale will be as follows: Danger Level 1= No immediate danger.  The snake is in the rough.  Danger Level 5=High danger level.  The snake is very close to a residence/trail/road–walk, drive or mow carefully and please do not spray toxic chemicals in the area where the snake was last found.  If you have questions about the snake’s locations please do not hesitate to contact me.

Utsanati has also moved from his from his last location under the tin at his capture location.  He has moved around 300 feet and is headed east toward the highest point on the ridge.  He is only about 25 feet from a heavily used trail so I will have to keep a close eye on Utsanati for a while.  From his posture with his chin resting on a stick I would say that he is possibly  hunting for rodents in the rocks.  Take a look at a photo of him below and then view the video below for more details of his location and status.  Danger Level 4=Elevated danger level.  Click photos to zoom.

Another view of his position.

A close up–note his chin on the stick.

Another view.

The Female rattlesnake Zoe has moved around .29 miles southeast from her last location in the backyard of a residence.  I found her coiled in a resting coil on the side of a hiking trail.  While she was in the forest her location was close to a private residence, a hiking trail to a waterfall and on the edge of Earthshine’s property so for these reasons I give her a Danger Level 4=Elevated danger level.  Please use caution when hiking, working in the area and if you live in the community please call me if you see Zoe or any other rattlesnakes.  Take a look at a photo of her below and view the video below for more details of her location and status.

Watch this video for all the latest details of the travels of Utsanati and Zoe.


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