Rattlesnake Report for 4-30 and 5-2 2012

30 Apr

Rattlesnake Report #2 for 4/30 and 5/2 2012.  In these special blog postings I will update you on the movements and status of Timber Rattlesnakes Utsanati and Zoe that we are following with radio telemetry.  I have come up with a “potential danger level” scale that represents the potential danger the snakes could pose to the human inhabitants of the community due to their proximity to human habitations and activity areas.  The danger level also applies to the snakes being in danger if they are near a road or yard where they could be accidentally injured or killed or by man and his machines and toxic chemicals such as insecticides and herbicides.  If you live in the community where the snakes live please pay close attention to their locations and the “potential danger level” and take appropriate care in your activities to protect you and the snakes from any harm.  The scale will be as follows: Danger Level 1= No immediate danger.  The snake is in the rough.  Danger Level 5=High danger level.  The snake is very close to a residence/trail/road–walk, drive or mow carefully and please do not spray toxic chemicals in the area where the snake was last found.  If you have questions about the snake’s locations please do not hesitate to contact me.

Zoe remains in the tangle of brush and cut logs and blueberry thicket at the edge of a yard behind a house in the human community where she lives.  She has only moved about 30 feet in the last 10 days so I believe that she is hunting for rodents that live in the logs.  Danger Level 5!  I found her on the surface under the blueberry bushes in a resting/hunting posture  Take a look at her below.

Utsanati has moved from his remote location in the forest and is back at his capture location near Earthshine!  It has not even been a full year since I first discovered him and during that time he has traveled deep into a distant cove to hibernate and then come full circle to almost the exact location where I discovered him!   His reasons for coming back to the area of his capture to me is obvious–food.  The forest in the area is full of rodents and on top of that there are lots of great thermoregulation spots in the form of old metal roofing, rocks and logs to shelter and hunt under.   I have no doubt that Utsanati remembers being captured at this sight but his need for food outweighs his fear of man.  This is very good information indeed so I rate his presence at this location as a Danger Level 3.  Can you find Utsanati in the photo below?

Here is a close up of Utsanati resting under the old piece of tin.


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