New visitors at Earthshine!

30 Apr

In mid April, Oliver and Jen came to meet the Nature Center’s animals and learn about snakes.  Oliver is working on a project for TEDxyouth and I am more than willing to help him in any way that I am able.  Thank you Oliver and Jen for caring what happens to the misunderstood creatures of the world like snakes and trying to make a difference in how people view and treat them.  The world needs many more people just like you!


We also have some new feathered visitors at Earthshine!  A few days ago a pair of Canada Geese appeared at the pond.  They are not very afraid of people and will let you get fairly close.  I believe that they may be deciding if it is a good spot to nest or not.  I will keep you updated on their status.


I saw this in Asheville–enjoy!



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