6 Jan

I just completed this compilation video of many of the greatest moments of Earthshine Nature Programs.  It is entitled: This Is What We DO  Check it out below!


One Response to “NEW VIDEO of ENP”

  1. Amster@ 02/01/2012 at 10:46 am #

    Greetings Steve;My name is Amy Lord;your place/efforts are yet another miracle unfolding in my life in brevard….i live in pisgah Forest off Williamson creek. I’ve been here 10 years but have just been delivered from a sure death. I’m a nurse x30yrs & passionate about just EVERYTHING I just saw on your well done video.I’m presently volunteering 1 day/wk @WNC WC;I’ve been trained to work with reptiles by Savannah…..she told me about your snake tubes.God has got hold of me bigtime & I’m trying @ present to sort out the details! I’m an outdoor adventurist still alive & energetic @ 52…I adore little children,old people & wildlife of every type.I LOVE turtles!!!!I grew up passionate over reptiles & amphibians;I enjoy snakes!!!!I have a 3 acre paradise I own with 3 dogs,4 cats,2 bearded lizards & 3 fish…I love music,animal research & education,animal husbandtry & rehab.Think you could use me somehow or that I might fit in????Amy Lord 966-3910 64 Scarlett Dr. Pisgah Forest,NC

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