WELCOME to the new Earthshine Nature Blog!

15 Nov

Hello Nature Nerds!

Welcome to the new Earthshine Nature Programs (ENP) blog site.  Here you will be able to keep up with the current events as they happen at ENP.  Things you may see here on this blog will include but are not in any way limited to:

Turtle Tracks updates–follow in the tracks of our radio transmittered box turtles Catherine, Jimmy and Mrs. Bones (and Mr. Bones if we ever find him).

Snake Tracks updates–follow the trails of our radio transmittered Timber Rattlesnakes Utsanati and Zoe.

Keep up with the goings-on in the nature center.

Follow in some of Naturalist Steve’s travels and adventures in the field and in the classroom.

View new Wild Adventures with Steve videos as soon as they are posted to our Youtube.com site.

View new photos as soon as they are posted to our website.

Lear about special events where we will be presenting or that we will be hosting so that you can mark your calenders and attend.

So please follow our blog today and learn some great nature nerdy knowledge:-)

See you out there…Stevo

“Survivors seem to function best when peril is at hand”  –Jimmy Buffett


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